Wednesday, January 07, 2009

December Days

Scott has handed down his obession to his older son. He tells me, "we've only watched the movie once!" "I really don't know where he gets it." I give you exhibit A...

That right folks, my kid has got an army of stuffed animals at the foot of his bed and he decides to cuddle up with a large plastic storm trooper. A lot of the obession could have to do with the fact that Luke's real goal in life is to be just like his daddy...

Now we have a wall around our Christmas tree so that Ben doesn't take the tree down. I found him one morning having breeched the barrier (he climbed under their little green table) and he proved to have a more serious mission by the Christmas tree...

The first official gifts of the Christmas season came from the Boors. Luke plays his piano and sings along and Ben loves his new books.
The night of my Christmas service we opened a few family presents. Ben bought Luke this brand new vaccuum...which Luke takes out every time we get out the big vaccuum and cleans along side us. Luke bought Ben the dvd Horton hears a Who...which Luke took the liberty of watching for Ben about 10 times.

Ben's first haircut

Apparently my sons are somehow trying to compensate for their dad's hair because like Luke, Ben has been in serious need of a haircut. So while we were in Wisconsin we took him to see Michelle (Grandma's hair lady). He didn't cry at all. In fact he was intrigued by the whole situtation.

Ben doing his Dr. Evil impression.

"Just a little off the top?"

Tell it to me straight, I can take it.
Do my ears look big?

Christmas in Wisconsin

We couldn't wait to get out Illinois and enjoy a few days in Germantown. It was a great few days.

Luke spent his time near the kitchen.
"What grape?"
On Christmas eve Grandma, Emma, Aunt Lydia, Maddie, Aunt Erin, Luke and I all decorated cookies. Emma and Luke were very creative and also very interested in eating their creations.

Ben wrapped Grandpa around his little finger.
Scott spent most of the week out shoveling with driveway with Dad and assorted brothers. There was one fairly nice day that the kids got out to play in the massive amounts of snow.

King of the Hill

"I'd throw this at you, Emma, but I can't move my arm."

I'm not sure which Aunt or Uncle took this picture...but what are you teaching my son?

Poor Chad, living in Texas he didn't have the proper snow removal clothing. He went to Fleet Farm and came away with this bright hunter's get up.

Our family Christmas picture. Scott was trying anything to get Luke to look at Grandpa.

Our family has officially graduated out of the living room and into a sanctuary. Soon we'll have to rent a hall for Christmas.

Big News! Ben's new arrival....a Wii. Mom and Dad bought the family a Wii for Christmas. I still remember the days when we were the only family without a microwave or a vcr.

Uncle Josh reading Twas the night before Christmas to all the grandkids. (Ben said he was listening, just resting his eyes)

Grandpa and Luke, veggin' out.

Seriously! How cute is he?

The Bens
Seriously! How scared is he?

Luke's new guitar
Ben's new tractor (to replace the booster seat I wasn't suppose to buy!)
So that's where Ben learned to rest his eyes!
Luke came out to the kitchen to show us Grandpa's christmas present.

The best part of Christmas in Wisconsin was that after 7 years there is FINALLY hot water in the bathroom. And, Grandpa, we love the fancy shower curtain!