Sunday, February 10, 2008

Still waiting...

For those scoring at home it's 2 days past my due date. Luke was a week late so we're not really surprised. Things are moving along, slowly. We're hoping for a baby early this week. I'm tired, sore, and cranky. I think Luke and Scott are ready for me to be done with carrying this baby. Anyway, here are the lastest pictures.

Relaxing like Daddy (those are Daddy's feet he is laying under)

Helping Daddy on his snow day.


All his snow removal equipment

Little Hot Chocolate to warm up

And a bath completes our snow day with Daddy

The following group of pictures are from our rowdy SuperBowl party.
Luke has a new obession with his father's hat.
But he didn't want to have his picture he just tried to keep moving.

He's quite the thug isn't he...