Thursday, May 31, 2007

Captain's Log...

Day One: I ate my breakfast in the living room today. Mommy said to keep my Cheerios in the bowl. I think I did a great job for a 9 month old.
Day Two: After lots of driving we finally made it to Claire's house in Eagan, MN. We even drove past Uncle Chad's old school.
Mommy let me get a good look at Claire. I REALLY wanted to hold her, but Mommy said I wasn't gentle enough.

What's that thing in her mouth? I want one!

Look, if we just unwrap her a bit...I can get a better grip on her.

Daddy really like holding Claire cause she doesn't wriggle around like me.

Day Three: Here's the whole Peterson family. I think Claire's Daddy is funny.

Here's Claire stretching after her big morning. Her grandpa put water right on her head. Mommy said I had the same thing happen to me and now Claire and I are part of a great big family!

Day Four: We head for home. Daddy got bored and took my picture. Then I took a picture of myself...pretty good, huh? It was a fun trip but I'm glad I don't have to ride in that car again...until of course we go to Aunt Kendra's graduation.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Rubber Ducky...

I am sorry....but HOW CUTE IS THIS KID?

He's up to 8 teeth now and he's not 9 months old yet! It makes for some really crabby nights. Hope he's done soon.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


To Mom and Josh!

We love you lots and hope you have a great day!


We will begin this post with a big THANK YOU GRANDPA!!!!! Grandpa had a few extra passes for Suite 27 at Miller Park because of "Lutheran Night". It was Luke's very first ball game and what a way to go. Don't worry, we've already explained to him that his future baseball experiences will be FAR downhill from this first one. We had a great time though.

We started at Helfaer Field where Grandpa played a softball game. That old man can still play some mean softball. Uncle Kurt said we missed him turning a double play.

Luke cheered and waved his arms when Grandpa was up to bat.
And he got to meet the HOT DOG! Who won the race that night, by the way. Luke thought that Hot Dog was pretty cool.
"Shout out to Uncle Chad!"
Once we got to the suite, Luke got a big kick out of looking on the field.
"Hey, is that Grandpa down there?"
It sure was, Grandpa threw out the first pitch! And yes it made it over the plate.
"What! This isn't a Cardinals game?"
Thanks again Grandpa for making Luke's first ball game sooooo special!

On The Road Again!

So we got invited to the Brewer game on Saturday. It just so happened that Trinity's 8th grade was going to CUW for their class trip that Friday so Luke and I stowed away. He really liked being able to watch the cars pass below him. He spent most of the 3 hours at the window with little breaks for naps. He was also a good spy and would watch the 8th graders over my shoulder.

Once Uncle Josh picked us up at Concordia we surprised Grandma at work and took her to Panera for a early birthday lunch. Grandpa came too.

Luke loved helping Grandma eat her fruit and he really enjoyed cleaning the inside of his first pickle. He didn't make a single weird face. He gets it from his older cousin we think!

After an exciting afternoon of sitting around at Grandma and Grandpa's, Luke got some quality diaper time and looked longingly at the DVD collection behind the glass. Maybe this summer Maddie can help him figure out how to get to the other side of the glass!