Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter and Break

We headed up to Germantown for Easter weekend and had a great time celebrating with the family.  Saturday was filled with egg dyeing.

Luke loved picking phrases for the He is Risen!  and Hallelujah!  
I think he's paying close attention is Sunday School.

The aunt and uncles helped out a lot!

It says "Ben!"

The traditional Easter basket shot.

Our little family.

Egg hunting!

Found one

Over there!

Once they found all the eggs Ben started wandering the yard calling out for the Easter Bunny.  
We finally had to tell him that the "rabbit" went other kids' houses to hide more eggs.

The Egg Cracking Contest...a family tradition.
Luke liked saying "He is Risen" and "Indeed, Alleluia"
Uncle Ben won our tourney but rumor is that Grandma B. won the contest in Michigan.  Congrats, Grandma!

The cousins eating some ice cream.

On our way home we stopped by the bluff at CUW.  
It was a little windy.

Hard to believe we met there 10 years ago.

The day we got home Scott ran an errand at Toys-R-Us.
Luke's been digging all over our yard this spring looking for worms.  So we assumed it made sense to buy them a sandbox.

They both helped set everything up.

And although they've already spent many hours digging and playing with all their trucks in the sand, Luke is a little disappointed he can't find any worms at the bottom of the box.

More ice cream during spring break.

Tuesday we FINALLY got to meet Anna and Shawn's little one, Adelaide.  She's ADORABLE!

And already questioning what she's gotten herself into.

Ben really didn't care for Addy, but Luke was excited to hold her.  He also just loves hanging out with Shawn.

It was a fast week and we hit the ground running afterwards but we had a wonderful break.  

Catching Up

So apparently with Dinner Theater coming next week, I completely missed March.  So here's a quick tour of our last two months...
We've learned that Ben needs his own chair.

And it's just not safe in our living room anymore.  

So we headed outdoors and have spent our spring breaking in the new wagon.


And the other thing we've learned is that Luke and Ben are two peas in a pod...

even when we're not looking.