Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To Grandpa J on his birthday

Just a little something to make you laugh.

We love you, Happy Birthday!

The Adventures of Luke and Ben

Luke is big into helping these days...mostly he just wants to do whatever his dad is doing. He did help wash dishes last night. But his favorite thing to do is help dad with the rose bushes.
Luke grabbed his pilers off his tool bench cause Dad had a set of clippers.

My boys at work...I wonder what Dad will do when he needs another work glove for Ben.

Helping Dad put the trach can in the garage...which would be easier without that silly van in the way. Dad got out his step stool to hang a picture for me...so Luke got out his step stool to hang a picture on the tv.

I know Erin beat me to Luke's birthday pictures, but here are a few from his actual birthday and other highlights from his party.

As you can tell Luke got to pick his outfit for his birthday. Personally my favorite part of this picture is the face in the background.

It was the first day of school so we went up to Trinity and took Katrina, Emily, and Tiffany to McDonald's after their half day. We spent the rest of the day hanging out at home with Dad and then Dad made Luke's favorite, beer can chicken. And for dessert, Mommy's first attempt at a homemade birthday cake...that's right it was from scratch. The decorating didn't work out well on the first try, but Luke could tell it was a baseball so that's all that mattered.

"Can I have some cake?"

"Look what I can do! Now can I have some cake?"

That Sunday after Luke's birthday we had a small celebration with family and friends. Luke got a second baseball cake FROM SCRATCH. This one started out looking much nicer then the first one...until Aunt Erin convinced Luke in order to eat the big cake (instead of a cupcake) he needed to go in face first.

And Uncle Chad showed him how.

Nothing like a bath with the cousins after a big party.

Then cuddle with Christina to watch Curious George (a present)

Ben got a kick out of Dad and Uncle Josh.
It was a great time and we're glad everyone could make it.
The next few pictures are just shots of two brothers enjoy each other's company.
Ben thinks he's a big shot when he gets to play in the bedroom with Luke.

Luke loves to lay on Ben whenever possible.

Ben watches Luke's every move.

Just lookin' Mom...
We could see the critic's reviews.

Early morning

Laundry Baskets are loads of fun!

This is a little taste of Ben's new hobby.

His new trick, climbing on things.

And melting your heart.