Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The count down continues...

We have a week from Friday until our due date. The doctor seems to think that's about right. I have an appointment on Thursday morning, they want to do a quick ultrasound because they aren't sure of the baby's position. I'll let you know what they find. Anyway, we're as prepared as one can be for a newborn to come. Now it's just enjoying our parent to child ratio for the moment...and believe me, Luke gives us a run for our money. Here are some random pics from the week.

Getting ready for work (he's trying to hide from the camera)

He's got his tie and his shape bucket, off to work he goes.

Watching some Shrek...Mommy loves that her little boy will sit through a whole movie without getting bored.

We folded his tent up and put it away to make room for baby stuff. He can't figure out why his feet stick out of the door when he sits in the tent.

Anyone who knew me about 20 years ago will understand the irony of this picture.

Friday, January 18, 2008

New Camera!

It's finally happened. 7 months later and we have a working camera. We would still be camera-less if it weren't for the very nice young man at Target who actually offered customer service to us. Anyway, here are the first pictures off the new camera, just a little taste of how life is these days at our house.

Luke was trying to get his diaper off to get in the tub...lucky for us, he hasn't figured out that there are tabs on the front.

His hair has definately grown out since July.

Last night Luke got another Christmas gift. Marty (the preschool teacher's husband) made Luke a wooden airplane. It's very cool. Luke had a great time running around the living room making engine noises as he flew through the air.

So there's a little look. Everything else is going well. We had a doctor's appointment yesterday, she thinks we've still got three weeks which puts us right at our due date. As of today I am officially "full term". I'm feeling tired and sore, but nothing different than every other pregnant mother who is at 37 weeks. I'm sure Erin can remember the joy of chasing a little one around at this stage, and Jamie, make sure you are taking naps when Naomi does!

Scott starts Dinner Theatre season next week with auditions. I hope to be as involved as possible but I have a feeling he'll be relying A LOT on Anne, another teacher who has been roped into helping with the production. We'll be doing Elves and the Shoemaker and the Prince who wouldn't talk. We like the fairy tale genre...it's what we know. =P Plenty of schtick...no serious acting. Anyone who has seen Scott or I on stage knows that is what we do. If you're in town April 11th and 12th, stop by and see the show!

Now that we've got a camera, I'm sure there will be more posted. I'm POSITIVE I can at least keep up with my brother (November, really?) We'll keep you all up to date when Junior arrives!