Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Preview

We were going to go the cheap route this year and recycle costumes. Then I walked through Kmart's costume section and found a something for Ben. Now we have a theme. We'll get real pictures on Saturday but thought you all might enjoy a little sneak peak...
Luke as Luke in Episode 4 (he won't wear either helmet)

Combining their dark side of the force.

"Luke, I am your brother."

Saturday, October 24, 2009


On my birthday Mom, Dad, Josh, Kendra, Lydia, and Kurt joined us for church and spent the afternoon enjoying fiesta, Prince Caspian, and chocolate cake (which Ben REALLY liked!)

On the following Tuesday, me and the boys headed for St. Charles for some much needed Grandma and Grandpa bonding time. They decided to invite everyone over for pizza and cake to celebrate Luke's birthday.

There was a certain theme to the evening. Luke got a storm trooper outfit...

A Star Wars tent (spaceship)...

And a blaster to complete all Luke's Star Wars needs.

Ben was more than content to get in a lot of Paw Paw cuddling.

And we talked to Daddy before bed cause we were sad he couldn't travel with us.
The baby doll spent a lot of time with Ben while we were visiting. Apparently he doesn't see a lot of them at his house.

Jenny and Adam Kader

We had a wonderful anniversary. Mom and Dad, Chad and Erin, and Scott and I were able to attend Adam Kader's wedding. It was at a beautiful Catholic church in Chicago and the reception was on the 66th floor of the Sears (Willis) Tower. Mary Ann even had the DJ dedicate a song to Scott and I for our 6th anniversary. It was very sweet. We had a great time!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Playing Outside

The Luke and Ben Show

Life has cranked into high gear and we just keep going and going. Lately we've been filling our days and nights being entertained by our sons. Here's a look at what we've been up to.
With the colder weather we decided to get out our old coats to see who would need new ones. Consistent with the fact that our boys are squirts, they both fit into their coats from last winter.

Here's Ben lounging in his coat while still in his pjs.

Daddy came up with a truck rolling game in the hallway.

Tickle, tickle, Luke!

Ready, Set, Go!

Yes, those are his pajama pants.

Me and the boys traveled to Wisconsin for Grandpa J's birthday. We had a great day relaxing with the family. Right before bed Luke and Uncle Ben did some football training.

Um, facemask, Uncle Ben!

The boys also got to sit and watch movies with their cousins, Emma and Maddie.

This is the damage Ben can do with an oreo.

Digging for rocks

The crew.

Too cute for the construction site if you ask me.

Luke and Daddy's football lessons.

And our favorite Storm Trooper Bobble Head!