Friday, March 30, 2007

April can't come soon enough!

Luke is ready. He came in late last season but it ended so nicely for all those Cardinal fans. Luke is gearing up for his first full season of baseball. He'll get to spend his first game in a suite at Miller Park in May. We're all very excited. Maybe now we'll get cable!

Practicing his game watching stance...

Go Cardinals!

WHAT, I live in Chicago!?!?

He's on the Move!

I was in the back bedroom. I heard a noise that wasn't Luke playing with his toys. As I came around the corner, he turned around.

I found our DVD rack like this...

I looked to the tent and found the stash.

Unfornately for Luke, I came out to the living room before he could hide all the evidence.

Young love

Well, it's happened. Luke has met his first girlfriend. We went to Valpo last weekend to see Uncle Ben's Church Youth League team trounce a team from Michigan in the National Lutheran Basketball Tournament. While in the stands Grandma J saw Hannah, a 7 month old. Now seeing that Grandma already knew Hannah's mom, it seemed innocent enough. The first glimpse Luke got of Hannah brought a giant grin to his face. And the following pictures tell the story of their first meeting.

Shout out to Uncle Ben who coached Trinity's team to a consolation CHAMPIONSHIP!

Hey, you are cute!

She touched him, so he decided to play the shy card.
Another sly smile in her direction and...
He invites her into his sling! She tries to climb in but unfortunately this sling is made for one.
They parted with another big smile and Luke plans on seeing Hannah the next time we're in Wisconsin. Little does he know his father won't let him date till he's at least 35!
Thanks to Grandpa for the pictures! Make sure Hannah's family sees them.

Friday, March 23, 2007

"My Buddy and Me"

We're starting to get the impression that Luke enjoys spending quality time with his dad.

Camping out for Opening Day tickets?

Grilling and drinking with Daddy.

Maybe we should've cut him off.

And two pictures after our bath today.
I'm not sure why everyone keeps saying he's got more hair than his dad.

He's on the Move!

So after months of frustration on his belly, Luke has figured out that he can slide his way anywhere on the hardwood floors.

Back it in, nice and easy....

Awww, Mom, who uses the door?

And They Came Bearing Gifts...

Grandma and Grandpa H. came to visit last weekend. In the back of their car were all of Luke's Christmas presents that we couldn't fit into the car on our ride home this past January. So it was like Santa stopped by in March. Besides the toys it was lots of fun having Grandma and Grandpa around to play with. They got to see all the fun and exciting tricks that Luke is learning.

Pants, who needs pants when your camping?

(In this picture are all three of his big gifts, his tent, his zoo train, and the box to his "gongie-gong", or Harvey if you ask Cole.)

Just helping Grandma get all bundled up for our Northern climate.

Grandpa's hat looked so good on Grandpa that Luke wanted to see how it would look on him.

"What do ya think, guys?"

We're so glad Grandma and Grandpa came to see us. Come back soon! We'll see you at Easter!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It Has Begun...

Now mind you, Luke has not started getting on his hands and knees to rock back and forth, nor had he begun the army crawl when this picture was taken but apparently he feels it was important that he see what toy options he has. This means one proofing will begin immediately.


A Luke sized shout out to his uncles!
He needed a hat to keep the sun out of his eyes when we were outside and I couldn't resist showing his D-town pride. Of course his father was disgusted and promised a Cardinals hat the first chance he got.

Rockin' the backwards look.

The Big Outdoors

Last week in the midst of our Chicago bitterness we had an awesome day of 70! So of course Luke and I spent some time outside. Our grass is still pretty wet but we enjoyed the sun on the driveway. The fresh air is a new concept for Luke and I think he'll be spending a lot of time outside this summer.

Don't worry the car was parked.

digging through the leaf pile

I'm not doing nothing, Mom...

is there something on my face?

Needless to say we had fun and wish we could've stayed out there longer. The next step is getting a swing and slide for the backyard.

Monday, March 12, 2007

He's a busy, busy boy...

I would like to say I just happened to blog today but after last night's request...scratch that...DEMANDS from Grandma J, here are some new pictures of the excitement at our house.

On Sunday nights Luke likes to help with lesson planning and grading.

On Monday nights he greets his dad with a
big grin and rolls his way close to him.

On Tuesdays Luke helps Mommy
dust under the couch.

On Wednesdays he does a
"little" light reading.

By Thursday he's starting to feel a bit
overwhelmed and ready to hide.

But Friday nights him and Dad
catch up on
Star Wars Legos.

Which leaves Saturdays for