Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Uncle Chad, you're a funny guy and we love you!

Happy 28th!

Trip to Wisconsin

Well, we HAD to be there for the fireworks, oh and Aunt Kendra's graduation party.

Luke got to play with all his aunts and uncles and his Texas cousins who he never sees. I didn't think to take the camera out for the fireworks because I figured after one boom Luke would want to be inside. Boy, was I wrong. He loved them! He oohed and ahhed and even tried to reach out and grab them (which he could have since we were so close.) Anyway, here are some pictures of our week in WI.

Luke LOVED listening to Uncle Ben play and sing. Luke even tried a little air guitar while he danced to the music.

Getting ready to go fishin'

Cousin Emma

And Cousin Maddie

the Zoo!

I know...there's been a couple of weeks since my last post and this post is really just a continuation of our trip to here's Luke's first trip to the Zoo.

Daddy and Luke at the Monkey house...they all came right up to the glass.
Luke was a little nervous that they might actually touch him!

Luke and Daddy in front of the Penguins. They were boring but the Puffins flew right by Luke and splashed him.

That bear listened very well when I said get in the shot.

Here's Luke and Mommy. Luke was practicing his animal noises that Daddy had been teaching him.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

On to Missouri

So after our short stay in Iowa, we headed to St. Charles for a much needed vacation. We spent most of the week hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's with cousin Cole and Maggie the puppy. Luke tried to double his weight by eating anything Grandma would put in front of him.

Swinging with Cole

Hmmmm...Daddy's beer or GRANDPA'S beer?

Splish, Splash! The cousins' first bath together.

Pile on Uncle Matt!

What could Uncle Matt be saying to keep Luke's AND Sam's attention?

Yep, it's all muscle.

Watchin' Sandlot (again)

The Baseball Picture!

Hepworth Wedding

How old am I? My "little brother", Daniel got married last weekend. We had a great time being back in Cedar Rapids. Luke did very well at his first wedding.

He learned his table manners from his aunt Kendra.

Hanging with Hep Hep

My goodnes, they're women now!

I'm sure no one bet on them talking through the evening.

Best friends watching their kids grow old.