Friday, December 17, 2010

Summing Up...

So the last few months have been, as usual, busy.  I hadn't realized my posts had tapered off that seriously.  In order to keep caught up in time for Christmas posts next week, here's a quick tour of our fall.

October brought a visit from Scott's folks.  The boys love when their grandparents come.  We decided to take Grandpa to "the Tank Place", aka Cantigny.  For anyone who loves history, beautiful gardens, or needs a free place to take their kids to climb around, this is the place!

 Time to the see the tanks!

 Even the war museum is hands on.

 Luke got to meet a Civil War soldier.

 And see some of the guns they would have used.  Luke thought maybe he'd get to take one home.  He had to settle for a plastic one from the gift shop.

We loved having Grandma and Grandpa spend the weekend with us.

The following weekend was my birthday.  
We started the weekend off with a trip to County Line Orchard on a beautiful Friday afternoon.
 The boys LOVED the tractor rides to the different fields.

 They each picked a pumpkin

 And quickly filled up a big bag with apples right off the tree.

We finished with a ride on the Moo Moo Choo Choo.

 Scott wasn't completely sold on joining the boys on the trip but the boys had a blast.

Sunday we celebrated 7 years of marriage with Chinese Food.
Then Monday my boys started my birthday with breakfast in bed.  Then Scott sent me off to the movies with Katrina.  When I got home....
 This is what was waiting for me.
 "Welcome to our restaurant!"

I didn't think Scott knew we had china!

We had a great dinner, grilled salmon.  The boys asked me to dance to the dinner music.  And Scott got me Wicked tickets, which we will be using January 2nd!  It was the best way to turn 30.  They made me feel like a queen.

We ended October with GLOW.  Now, I want to clarify that I am NOT recycling last year's pictures, our boys just decided to wear the exact same costumes, and since Ben didn't grow much, they both fit into them.

 The Friday before Trinity had "superhero day".  Scott had dressed as "Global Guardian" so I surprised him with two sidekicks, "Longitude and Latitude".  

We move right along to Thanksgiving.  Luke had a very nice brunch at preschool.  He got to dress as a pilgrim.  Scott was testifying at court that day so Luke got dressed up again to show Daddy.


We headed to St. Charles for a wonderful weekend of turkey and hanging out with family.

Luke and baby Lydia

And now we're baking cookies, wrapping presents, practicing Christmas songs, and counting down the days till CHRISTMAS!!!!!