Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lydia Katherine Anna

I know it's 3 days late but I did call...even though I almost forgot to do that too....
Anyway, Hapbir Pythday to my little sis....
Here's a little something almost as beautiful as you.

God's Beautiful Creation

So the boys and I were enjoying one of those 70 degree days we had a couple weeks ago. I looked up and seeing how gorgeous our magnolia tree looked all bright yellow, I figured I'd take a stab at a few scenary pictures.
Just as I thought, "wow, I am getting some great shots" I noticed something creeping into my viewfinder....

I call it "Attack of the Benjamins"
That's what happens when you try to take picture laying on the ground next to your 9 month old.

Fall happenings

As it has happened for the last two falls, we once again spent our beautiful weather raking leaves. I know we don't have the volume of some houses but the ratio in our little yard is staggering, especially because the tree in the backyard actually picks a day and drops all its leaves at once. Great, one would think, except that day has been scheduled on the first day of flurries. Here are some pictures from our other activities this month.
Ben spent all afternoon trying to attack the pile of leaves, to eat them of course.

Daddy and Luke talking to Uncle Jeff. Uncle Kurt

Working hard on repairs

Scott's learning quickly not to leave his belongings out if he doesn't want them used.

This is one of those pictures I plan to share with all of Ben's future girlfriends. For the record Ben de-pants and un socked himself.

Luke, I can't breathe.
But I LOVE you!


From: Ohhh, look at the cute little boy wearing his daddy's hat...
To: mugshot

Watching Kung Fu Panda
They think it's great now...I give it 6 years.

Dad, you crack us up. (Scott loves his captive audience)

Sunday, November 16, 2008


We had our 2nd annual G.L.O.W. fall festival on Halloween night. It turned out better than last year, less kids, but they stayed longer. Luke played a couple of games but the gym was packed with kids so he was a little overwhelmed. He did win some playdoh which he was pretty excited about. The whole week before we kept telling him to listen and be good if he wanted to play games at school which didn't really phase him but when we said he could be a baseball player...he was in.

This was the only picture I could grab of the two of them that night. Scott had to be super mom and dad since I was busy with setting up the night's activities. He fed and dressed the boys himself and got them to school all alone.

Luke couldn't believe we let him take a big bag of candy home after G.L.O.W. He was in awe of the collection and every day he would have one piece of candy after every meal (he even tried to get breakfast dessert)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good times

These are two pictures I didn't have a clever title for, I just like them.

Luke and Uncle Ben playing a duet. If memory serves me, isn't there a cute picture of Ben playing the piano when he was younger...or was that Josh?

And this is a clear glimpse into Luke and Ben's daily life. Every day when Ben wakes up, Luke goes in and dumps out every block they own. He then points at himself, at Ben, and at the pile of blocks. I then I'm asked to leave so the brothers can get to work. Ben follows Luke everywhere so Luke likes to walk around the house and look behind him to make sure his shadow is there. I hope this love stuff lasts.

Our trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We had beautiful summer weather the weekend we went up to Wisconsin so we went to a Pumpkin farm with Grandpa, Grandma, Erin, Maddie, Emma, and Aunt Kendra. It was PACKED! There were kids everywhere, but it was free and Luke had a blast. And most important I got a caramel apple on my birthday!

Too many pumpkins to choose from!

I'm pretty sure Ben's eating a leaf or grass or dirt or whatever was on the ground in front of him.

Luke and his cousins trying the roll the giant pumpkins.

I'm nothing, if not a bad blogger

So an entire month has come and gone. There a great many highlights and pictures and most of them are at home on my camera. I'll give you what I have and maybe by Christmas I'll be caught up again.

Grandma and Grandpa have come to our house twice in the last two months. We love having them. Ben mostly enjoyed staring at Grandpa...for a long time...

This is Ben's first official time pulling himself up to standing on something. He was stretched a bit more than he would have liked, and he got a little mad that I just stood there and took pictures rather than helping him out. Don't worry, he didn't hurt anything, that time.

Now he's a pro...standing and now cruising all around the living room and anywhere else he can find furniture.

Luke has been our big helper lately. Here he is helping Dad at his tool bench (safety first)

And helping me make some cookies. He LOVES helping in the kitchen.