Monday, September 14, 2009

Luke's Wa Wa Park Party

The hotel we were at for Jenny's wedding had a waterpark so Sunday morning Luke and his uncles and "aunt" and cousins got to play around for a couple of hours.

Luke loved floating in the lazy river with Scott. He especially liked the whirlpool in the middle.

And all Maddie wanted was to relax in the kids' hot tub with her dad.

Then we all decesended on Grandma and Grandpa Bickel's house. The grandkids and great grands headed straight for the channel.

Uncle Kurt helped Luke try to catch some fish.

Aunts and Uncles, Nieces and Nephews, everyone loves being by the channel.
Luke got to celebrate his birthday with all kinds of family around. So we ate some pizza and then opened presents.

This is the next book in Luke's collection of Narina. He loves hearing the lion books and now he'll get to watch the second movie!

"Thank You"

Aunt Kendra outdid herself and got Luke the ultimate gift...a storm trooper helmet.

It went well with his Star Wars cake. (complete with star candles...thank you Grandma!)

There's Luke Trooper

And Daddy Trooper

And Brother Trooper

And even Grandpa Trooper (doesn't his mom look proud!)

The boys headed for the front yard to play some wiffle ball. Even Great Grandpa got a few swings in. Apparently this shot was just before Grandpa hit a line drive at Chad's head. Go Grandpa!

The playing field.

And Ben and Luke on defense (which is a new word in his vocab, thanks to coaches/uncles!)

One of the coolest things about the evening was Luke got to celebrate a birthday with 3 of his great grandparents (and an adopted Great Grandma!). It's a lot of fun to watch these generations interact with each other.

And my personal favorite....
Great Grandpa Trooper!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Jenny's wedding

Labor Day Weekend was filled with a trip to Michigan to celebrate a wedding for my cousin Jenny. It was a great way to spend my last "free" weekend until May. The ceremony was beautiful. Afterwards we went and checked into our hotel. The whole fam managed to fit into three hotel rooms and we spent the afternoon relaxing.
"Go Mizzou!"

Scott trying to teach Ben the finer points of Missouri football.

The Bens doing a little Cha Cha


Hard to believe their mothers used to dress them in matching outfits!

Thanks go to Lydia for giving us a kid free end to the evening. We actually got to enjoy some time on the dance floor without crying boys. Josh even got in on the action!

Maddie doing the Cha Cha

Lilly chillin with Grandpa

Uncle Ben and the future Aunt Christina

Luke insisted on drinking everything out of his coffee cup. And we had to clink glasses everytime he took a drink.

And Emma needed to use the champagne glass (don't worry it's just sugar water)
The wedding reception was very kid friendly, which we loved. And the open bar made it very grown up friendly too! Thanks for a great time, Jenny and Alan! Blessings on your future together!