Monday, April 06, 2009


Two Sundays ago we had the rare chance to play outside on a beautiful day. We went to a place called Cantigny. Scott takes his classes there for fieldtrips because it has a war museum...we went because it has tanks...


Luke and Ben's adventures!

Our weather has been hit and miss lately but when it's above 45 degrees we make sure to get out. One of our walks took us to the park. Here's Luke and his mini me swinging in full Cardinals gear. They almost had a rumble with a four year old wearing a Cubs hat.

Scott likes to clean out the garage whenever it's warm. Luke thought he should help. Scott calls these his Uncle Jeff pictures...I think it's the hat.

I told him to wave...
Grandpa "flying" Luke...cheese!
Sunday night means lesson planning. My boys with their laptops.
(Luke get himself all set up after Daddy started working.)

Ben the Green monster...there's the face of Tupperware.

Wild party with Uncle Kurt...

They were going to watch Clonewars together...