Friday, February 23, 2007

Our boy just keeps gettin' bigger...

Well, on Monday Luke will be SIX months old. The time has flown by, he is such a little man now. Last week we stopped putting the boppy behind him so he wouldn't hit his head when he tipped back.

Now he sits in the middle of the floor and watches us. He stays upright as long as the toy he wants is in his reach. If they are too far away he falls over and rolls where he needs to go. Poor Charlie got in his path yesterday.

He loves when his Uncle Kurt comes to visit like he did this past Monday with Grandma and Grandpa. Here they are playing on the floor. Uncle Kurt can make Luke smile no matter what.

Here's Luke sitting like a big boy on the couch, holding onto his safety line that was connected to Grandma. Really he had just finished checking what flavor string Grandma had on her sweatshirt. He does the same thing with the string to his winter hat.

The last week and a half I've been getting little boxes of Tupperware from the party I had last month. Well, Wednesday when we came home from church...there were two boxes on our front step. The big one was an entire set of Tupperware (which I got an AWESOME deal on, you should talk to my Tupperware consultant. =P) and in the little box were some clothes for Luke from Von Maur. There was also a pair of trunks and these cool shades for this summer. So we decided to take a picture of Luke and Mommy's new stuff...someone please send a box for Scott, he's feeling left out.

oh Nernin...

So this is a shout out to a dear friend who sent us the cutest Thanksgiving card...yes I said Thanksgiving. I'm so sorry I didn't have one for you this year...This whole Thanksgiving season jumped on us pretty quick. Anyway, I hope that guy of yours took you out for a fancy dinner...

We love you!


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy late Valentine's Day

I think we're getting better. Valentine's Day was less than a week ago. We enjoyed our first Valentine's Day as a family because Scott didn't have school! There was lots of snow and he spent most of the morning shoveling but we still got to have him home. That evening the three of us sat down to a "romantic" dinner. Luke mostly played with his empty bowl and cup. But he looked dashing.


Uncle Kurt...Basketball star

Two weeks ago, Luke and I made the drive up to Wisconsin to see Kurt play in his first home tournament. We had a great trip. Erin and the girls were up so Luke got to play with his cousins...


and Emma

It's amazing what three small children can do to a grandparent's house.


My Grandpa is soooo funny!

Grandma, Luke, and Grandpa
Since Maddie and Emma were coming to Kurt's game on Friday night, I thought the cousins should show their Uncle Kurt pride, so we made t-shirts.

Here's the front...

(it says Kurt's Crew and has pictures of him with each of the kids)

Here's the back

Let me taste that for you

And here's the whole crew that came and saw Kurt shoot the game tying basket at the buzzer. Trinity didn't win it in overtime but that was ok because it meant Luke and I got to watch Kurt play on Saturday before we headed home.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Lazy Days

We spent our Valentine's week in the house. In fact Scott spent two of those days at home with us because of the snow...

Luke got a front row seat

to watch this...

those are the kind of days you just wanna stay in bed

A little Tupperware ad...

5 month old kid approved

First time to Lansing

We finally took Luke to visit his great grandparents in Michigan. The 3 hour drive took 5 because we apparently made a wrong turn into a massive blizzard. We made it to Lansing and got to spend the evening with the Bickels at Aunt Chris's and Uncle Dave's. Luke met many new Bickels and spent time with some he already knew. Then off to church to hear Pastor Meier preach. And last a visit to Great Grandma J's.

Luke tried to blend in...

but Great Grandma caught him, and in a good mood too!

Unfortunately the picture of Luke with his only living Great Grandpa did not turn out...we'll have to come back soon to get more pictures.

I'm a big boy now!

Well, after months of a liquid diet...Luke is eating solids! Actually, it's bananas. Very mushy bananas, but he loves them. So here are the pictures of our big boy's first time eating "real" food...


trust me there are bananas on his face...i promise!
Next stop - Avacados!

Lazy days

I know it's been a long time since our last post but things have been a little crazy. I thought maybe we'd share what our lives have been like this month.

Luke and I enjoyed NFL's playoff games the same way....

Luke's trying to enjoy his dad's favorite pastimes....

Uncle Josh came down the end of January for a Tupperware party. Thanks to all the Trinity people who came and contributed to Josh's college fund (and my hostess credits)! Of course whenever a car travels south from Germantown there's a good chance one or both of the grandparents will be in it. So Grandma came along with Uncle Josh and helped be an extra pair of hands for the party.

Luke has begun the process of traveling on his own. He still doesn't like being on his belly but he has discovered rolling will get you places. I put him at one end of the rug by the couch and when I come back from the kitchen well...I'll just say I did put him ON the blue and green blanket...

So those are our lazy days...they've been dotted with travels and colds but mostly just the joys of parenthood.