Thursday, November 19, 2009

Growing Boys

Don't get too excited, I don't have new pictures. I thought it was time for a quick update. Since last post we've reached a couple of milestones.
First- Ben decided the other night that he needed to sit on the Elmo potty seat. He took off his pants and climbed up on the toilet. I gave him a book to read and left to check on Luke. When I came back Ben had managed to create a little puddle on the seat in front of him. Now I know it was a totally fluke, but I felt the need to make a big deal out of it. Ben got to call his grandparents and he got a potty treat (a skittle). Now he walks around the house holding his butt and saying "poop potty". It's exciting to imagine our next potty training experience might go smoothly.

Second- No one probably thinks this is nearly as exciting as I do but Luke washed his first strainer-full of dishes! Dishes are at the top of my most hated chores list so the idea that I can almost let "the kids" do them makes me crazy excited! I know it's weird. But I couldn't stop smiling while he scrubbed his little bowls and plates.

We're slowing preparing for Christmas. I think Luke's sick of us telling him to tell Santa when he says a toy he wants. But he's really looking forward to all the baking we get to do.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fall Fun

Ben discovered leaves this fall. He was a little unsure when I piled them all in the front yard. After one leap, he was hooked.

He loved throwing the leaves up in the air.

We've only had a handful of days that haven't been cold and rainy. Daddy got to play with us one of those days last weekend.

Yum! Doritos with Daddy!

And of course Daddy came up with the great idea to rake all the leaves at the bottom of the slide. Luke is convinced his dad's a genius!

Nothing says fall better than playing football in a leaf pile!

And fall wouldn't be complete without the trip to find a pumpkin. It was very cold and rainy that day, but we only had a short amount of time anyway, so it was alright.

So many choices...

Luke was SURE we needed a "biiiiig" pumpkin. I told him there wasn't room in the van.

Following Uncle Kurt with our pumpkin choice.

Mr. J Sir!

Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to attend a dinner for my dad. Many of the churchworkers from the South Wisconsin District wanted to thank him for the awesome ministry support he offered them while he served for the district. It was a beautiful evening and I don't know anyone who deserved it more. It was especially awesome to be one of his seven kids, all of who plan to serve God in whatever career He has called us to.

Our Baby

Scott and Ben have been enjoying their Sunday morning bonding time now that Luke comes to Sunday School with me. Here are the pictures of Ben taking part in his favorite new pastime...reading.

Catching a little of the football game.

He has his daddy wrapped around his cute little finger.

Reformation 09

Our Dark Side of the Force...

Well, G.L.O.W. has been here and gone. The boys had a blast playing all the carnival games. Luke's favorite was the giant basketball hoop. Ben loved playing in the water at the matching boats game.
Mostly they enjoyed the idea that they both have a big bag of candy to work on.

Here they are with their pumpkins from the pumpkin store.

Showing off their weapons.

Luke refused to put the mask over his face.

After playing all the games the boys took a Winnie the Pooh break in my office. I've never seen Ben that transfixed on a movie before. He didn't blink for 10 minutes.