Saturday, February 28, 2009

Winter Days

We spend all of our time indoors these days so here are a couple shots from our life.

Yum, good dinner!

Luke's idea of wearing big boy pants (dad's)
those are Christmas stockings (daddy told Luke they were his socks)

this is the end of our first battle of wills.... Mommy won, he slept there for 2 1/2 hours.

Ben loves books, big or small

just chillin'

Our preppy son

Luke also loves books. He really likes his new Narnia book. He got to watch the movie after we read it. So, Grandma J, we're gonna need Prince Caspian, he wants to see the movie.

Trip to Lansing, MI

We took my parents up on an offer to visit my grandparents in Lansing right after Christmas. It was fun to see the boys interact with relatives they rarely or never see.

Luke thought cousin Jon was funny.

Luke tried to talk on Jon's phone while Jon tried showing Luke the picture he had just taken.

Ben found a safe spot in front of Great Grandma J

Great Grandma and Luke

Luke only saw Molly and Audrey for about 5 minutes but he made himself right at home on Gerry's lap.

Apparently Luke and Uncle Josh have the same taste in cousins....they both enjoy Jay's company. (Jay and Uncle Jon brought Luke a box of matchbox cars to keep)

Great Grandpa B. and Ben reading a book.

Four generations of Bickels...and Grandpa's only great grandsons***.

***at time of visit (shout out to the newest member of the great grandson club -Zechariah!)

Missouri Christmas

We celebrated with Scott's family in January. It was a great long weekend for us and Luke really enjoyed the chance to open more presents. Our highlights included the beautiful podium Scott's dad and uncle built for him. He loves people coming into his classroom just to see his new "teaching tool". And also the trip to Grandpa's working where Luke and Cole played with forklifts and drove semis. Here are the pictures...

Ben's Birthday

Due to the size of our tiny house we couldn't invite everyone important in Ben's life to one big birthday bash so we opted for a Trinity party Friday night on his actual birthday and a family party on Saturday. That meant lots of presents and even more cake...needless to say both Ben and Luke had a great weekend.

Katrina had a volleyball game Friday night but still managed to stop by for a little play time before the party started.

I attempted a homemade cake.
Luke helped put on the sprinkles.

Ben made a pretty good showing with his trial run cake Friday night.

And Luke was very helpful with opening presents!

Luke was my big helper at both parties.

Maybe just a taste. (His face was already orange from the chili he had for dinner)

Give the belly some room people!
Ben (and Luke) LOVE the ride and push truck Uncle Jeff and Aunt Sally gave him. They drive it around the house and look for things to scoop up.
Miss Mya looked awful cute in her pigtails.

And Luke couldn't have had more fun with his cousins.