Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Well, we're back into the swing of August. That means long hot days in the school building coupled with me freaking out because I don't have enough Sunday School teachers. Ahhhhh, summertime. I know it's been forever since my last post...and as Erin has pointed out, who wants to look at Chad that long? Anyway, here's what's up.

1. My camera is broken and it looks like I'll be sending it in to Kodak, so the pictures I post are from a month ago.

2. Today is the first day of school so we're hot, sweaty, and looking forward to June.

3. We had a great summer.
Since my last post we took a nice long trip to Florida for the National Youth Gathering. It was a blast. We got to be our own little family group of Janetzkes so it was a different experience with no teenagers to watch. Luke did very well in the car there and back. It helped to have his aunts and uncle entertain help when they weren't sleeping. Saw lots of friends at the Gathering. The theme was Chosen and everything was done very well. Props to Kate and Nate who worked very hard on the media end of things. And Anna and Shawn for their dedication to the stage and of course Beth for all around support. It's a little funny going to a gathering and running into so many "important" people who we know.
This is the only picture I have from the Gathering, our camera died the day before we left. I stole this off Kendra's facebook. A classic look on Luke's face. Don't worry, he gives it to every teenager.
This summer was also filled with some trips to the Moses's pool. Luke loved being out in the water and we were glad to have the chance to take Kurt swimming twice while he was with us. These are swimming pictures from July, the ones from August are coming soon.

Just relaxing, and holding Marty's beer.

Swimming with Daddy, he's gotten very brave and tried to climb out of his floatie.

After the pool it was time to bother Murphy.

Boy, it seems everything Luke wants is behind glass.

Since Florida we've been busy getting ready for school. We've also had a few doctors appointments. You see, people make plans and map out their life and God laughs and then gives you another kid. That's right, there will be another little one Feb. 8. All is well right now, we will keep you updated.

This post is dedicated to Erin, and I promise to keep up, the best I can.