Thursday, January 25, 2007


Samuel Robert
January 16, 2007
11:18 PM
7lbs 15oz
20 1/2 in

Congratulations to Stacy and Mark on their beautiful baby boy!

We hope Sam is making recovery easy on his Mom.

Luke can't wait to play!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Plague

Scott stayed home Wednesday and so I had two sick boys in my house. Don't worry, I made them both rest and Daddy ate nothing but soup and toast. They both managed to bounce back and I'll be glad when flu season is offically over!

When your 4 month old gets the tend to give him a lot of baths. He is really starting to enjoy bath time and his dad continues to try and teach him how to splash.

If you don't brush his hair down right after his bath....

it's shocking!

The St. Charles adventure...

Well, our trip down south began with a race to St. Charles. There was freezing rain the entire ride down there. Luke and I just hung out in the back seat and watched DVDs.
Cole was there to greet us with Grandma.

He was very excited to see his Uncle Scott.
They hang out so much that they're starting to act alike.
About 4 am Saturday the power went out.
So Scott and Luke got all bundled up to hang out in the Living Room.

The power came back on about 2 pm Saturday afternoon and we seemed to be the only people with power so we had LOTS of visitors.

Luke got lots of quality time with his uncles.

Cole had come over Saturday with his mom and dad because they had no power. Little did we know that Cole also brought a flu like bug with him. We all thought it was something he ate. So just like Christmas with Mommy's family...Luke got sick from his cousin. Only this time so did Daddy. We ended up staying through Monday so that we wouldn't spend the entire 5 hours back cleaning out Luke's car seat. But Tuesday night when we got home, Scott had a fever of 100 and Luke had me changing sheets and diaper every hour. But we're over it now, and I managed to stay clear of the whole problem.
So I'm only gonna say it once....Grandmas if you want to see your had better come to us, cause your houses make him sick! =P

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ode to the Cardinals

Our St. Charles Christmas had us seeing red.
You'd think the home team won some big game.

Thanks for the great shirts, Aunt Jan!


Now, if I could just get mom to fill this with something...

Now Cole has got to be the only 2 1/2 year old who enjoys getting clothes for Christmas. Every time he opened a box it had a shirt in it. He would immediately take off what he was wearing and put on the new shirt. Of course when he opened his present from Uncle Jeff, well, let's just say there is a pile of t-shirts somewhere that may never be worn again.

Luke was so excited to have a jersey just like Cole's!


Eat your heart out, Albert.

Thank you, Uncle Jeff!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

First Christmas

After seeing all the great pictures on everyone else's blogs, I'm long past due for our Christmas. Of course we're not quite done with Christmas yet. We still get one more party in St. Charles next weekend!
Our trip to Wisconsin was great. We were so excited to see everyone. We spent our time shopping, playing with Aunts and Uncles, and my favorite...decorating cookies! We were so happy to spend time as the whole family. Chad and Erin have some great picture on their blogs...check em out. (the links are on the right)
Kendra managed to bring her own set of memories for this Christmas. First there was Friday night where she shared her perspective of being in our clan. You'll have to take my word fir it when I tell you many of us were crying like little girls. Then there was Christmas morning. After practicing the Christmas skit with her and Ben, we decided we were ready for performing for the message. The early service went great with one small mistake..."hello, it's winter". Now it may not seem like much but her reaction after that service and the next one reminded me of Sally from Peanuts, "Hockeystick? All they wanted me to say was Hark! But I said Hockeystick!" Don't worry, no one even noticed.
Luke slept through most of Christmas Day gift opening (like Uncle Ben!) When he did wake up there were just enough gifts for him to hold the center of attention while he "opened" them.
We spent New Year's at home with a house full of old Concordia friends. Congrats to Chad and Anna. Can't wait for the wedding. And blessings in April to Steve and Kim. We can't wait to meet baby Peterson. For the rest of you who made it to our house on New Year's Eve, thanks for helping us ring in this new life we have here in Matteson.

That's the details....and now the pictures...

I'm gonna be just like Uncle Kurt when I grow up.

Grandpa and his girls

We couldn't get Jodi, so we brought in Maddie for the cookie decorating.

That's one happy little lady!

This is Maddie multi-tasking.

Being a professional gift opener really wears you out.

The next Swen and Dean?

Little Santa and his goofy elf, Uncle Ben

He may seem quiet...but there's comedian just ready to bust out

My boys

"Are you sleeping, Uncle Kurt, cause I'm not tired yet."

We definately have a little Calvin on our hands.

Have we looked cute long enough?

I'll have your table ready in one minute.

See, I told you we could share it.

Luke wanted to stay in bed after his big night celebrating New Years

Five more minutes, Mom


A new generation of Lost and Found fans...

There is nothing like Michael and George singing carols to put one in the Christmas spirit. We took Luke and enjoyed front row seats at Hope Lutheran in Park Forest with Tiffany and Katrina (two teachers from Trinity). It was fun to watch Luke keep his eyes glued to George as he pounded on the keyboard. Luke slept through the end of the concert but was up in time to take the traditional Michael, George, and baby picture after the show. A shout out to Katrina for the pictures!