Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birthdays, Baseball, and Brothers

We've had a busy few weeks.
Luke ended his first day of school with a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.
Playing Daddy in air hockey.

Ha ha!  Score!

Ben's favorite...a fishing game.

Whack a Shark!

Luke's party guests.
Katrina, Luke, Tiffany, Ben, and Emily

We had a great afternoon.

On Luke's birthday he got to spend the whole afternoon with Uncle Ben and Aunt Christina who came to visit for his birthday.
Trip to the "river".

The Ben-s!

Third baseball birthday cake for the third year in the row.

Luke's gift from Mommy and Daddy...a fish tank. 
We started with two...the spotted one didn't make it.  We now have 3.  
Dora, Diego, and Jaguar.

We spent Labor Day Weekend in Germantown.
The boys had a great weekend with Grandma, Grandpa and many Aunts and Uncles.

Luke got a new Albert poster from Uncle should fit on his wall.  We'll see...

Sunday after church we sat down to a lasagna lunch and then packed up for the BEACH!
We were soooooo excited to spend the day at the beach with the family...
Ben could hardly contain his excitement.  He slept the whole way there.

Luke got to go fishing with Daddy and Grandpa and caught a tree!

Ben spent his time trying to catch seagulls, making sand castles with Aunt Lydia, and running away from the water with Uncle Josh.  He had a blast at the beach.

And Luke braved the FREEZING cold water.

The whole day was fun although a bit chilly.

Then on Labor Day Luke went with Daddy to a Brewer/Cardinals game courtesy of Uncle Chad and Aunt Erin.  

Luke even took a few pictures himself.

When he wasn't snapping pictures he sat in front of Scott and intently watched the baseball action.

He got to see a Cardinal victory.
And it wiped him out.

Ben and I took Aunt Lydia to Monkey Joe's so Ben wouldn't feel too bad that Dad and Luke went to the game without him.  He jumped and bounced everywhere.  It was lots of fun.

Now we're into full school mode.  Sunday School has begun so it's the time of year when our little family spends our weekends at home and we have to entertain ourselves.
Like last night when the boys got into a tickle fight.

Daddy won, as usual.