Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We went up to Milwaukee for the weekend to celebrate Josh's graduation with a surprise party and to celebrate Lilly's baptism with an openhouse at Grandma's.
Luke had a great time bonding with Grandpa. They watched movies on the Dora and Elmo couches...
And Luke helped Grandpa feed the fish...

Sunday was Lilly's reaffirmation. Here she is with her Godmother, Anne, and Godfather, Uncle Kurt. Her other Godfather couldn't make it...he lives in Houston, TX.
Chad and his girls!
THE WHOLE CLAN! We can no longer take pictures indoors...
We even squeezed in a Brewers/Cardinals game on Monday before heading home. Luke and Ben stayed home with Grandma and Aunt Lydia but Maddie, Emma, and Lilly seemed to enjoy the Brewer victory.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


So Luke and Ben got a special treat on Friday morning. Every Friday morning the boys go and play at Donna's house while I teach Confirmation. This Friday Donna decided to walk the boys to her "office". She is a secretary at the Tinley Park Fire Department. That's right, they got they're own personal tour of the Fire House. And they had a blast. They drove, they climbed, they saw hoses, they saw the firefighters' beds and where they watch tv, they even saw the firefighters leave on a real call, lights, sirens, everything. It was quite an adventure!

Ben is looking at his reflection in the truck...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jungle Gyms and Jedi Training

We are trying our best to take advantage of all these beautiful spring days so on our walk today we went to the playground to climb around and eat our lunch.

Ben didn't quite make it home.
And after nap time Luke reminded me I had promised he could play star wars after nap. So him and Ben took on the Dark Side's lawn chairs....

Friday, May 15, 2009


Lillian Joy was born May 7, 2009 at 9:09 am
7 lbs. 14 oz. 20 1/2 in.
Erin and Lily came home Saturday so we got to see them at the Heffelfingers.

Aunt Kathy enjoying her sweet new niece.

Luke was utterly taken with his new cousin. He couldn't stop touching her and stroking her hair and giving her kisses and hugs so finally I told him he could hold would've thought I gave him a million bucks.
he hugged her

and talked to her and even made sure her blanket was covering her arms. We could barely get him to look away long enough to smile for the camera.

Of course after Luke held her, Ben needed to.
He only poked her in the eye once and when he was done, he was done and slipped his arm out from under her and tried to climb down. Lily took it all in stride.

After we had passed Lily around like a football we left for home but look forward to seeing Uncle Chad and all his girls next weekend for Lily reaffirmation!

It's about time...

The boys and I made a trip to Milwaukee last Saturday. We had a brand new baby to see! But first we stopped in Germantown and saw the new kitchen floor at has been 7 years in the making....

anyone who has ever been to my parents' house knows the awful carpet that covered the kitchen, dining room, and hallway. It looks so fancy now! We're very excited. I hope Kurt got a couple hockey games in before the table went back in!


Scott finally broke down and let me get dsl at home so I can actually connect to the rest of the world from home! I may actually get to blog every couple of days rather than once a month when I squeeze it in at school! So here is hopefully the last catch up session I will have to do for awhile.....
For those of you who didn't hear, Scott spent Maundy Thursday through late Saturday night in the hospital. It was an absyss on the back of his throat. (a big white spot, really gross).
They really had no reason to keep him, we found out that Saturday but all the blood work they did managed to figure out why Scott had been so tired...he had mono. We got him home for Easter and that's all I really wanted after our crazy ordeal. (a special shout out to Uncle Josh and Aunt Lydia for their awesome help during our long spring break!)

It was our first Easter at home so we tried to do all the fun things we could....
We dyed eggs...

We got all dressed up for church. (Scott stayed in bed)
We found our Easter baskets.

And raided them. CANDY!!!!!
We got Scott out of bed for our Easter dinner and a very quick Easter Egg Hunt

Ben kinda figured out the whole game about halfway through.

But by then Luke had figured out his own system.
1. Find an egg
2. Check if it is hard boiled or plastic
3. Put all filled plastic eggs in basket
4. Put all hard boiled eggs in Ben's basket to make it look like you are sharing.

We even saved eggs for an egg cracking contest with Josh, Kurt, and Lydia that night but it never happened. Maybe next year. Of course none of the ups and downs of that weekend could take away the joy of Christ's resurrection. Luke sang his alleluias loud and proud on Easter. It is awesome to see his love for Jesus.