Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Wa Wa Paw"

Luke and Ben traveled to Noah's Ark in the Dells with Grandma during my last day of vbs. Here's a little footage of the fun they had without their parents...
And some pictures...

Thanks for letting the boys have so much fun at the "Wa Wa Paw" with you guys! I'm sure we'll plan another trip for next year!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How can I have s'more when I haven't had any yet?

Last Friday we had a group of friends over for our annual "Matteson Fest" bar-b-que. It was a blast. We even had Grandpa and Grandma J and Lydia and Kurt* join us. (*he sat inside and watched game 7 of stanley cup) We ended our cook out with s'mores. I was impressed that everyone made at least one. And Luke made a few. The boys had fun eating them although I'm pretty sure Ben may still have pieces of marshmallow on him.

There's no way Mom meant for me to have this much sugar...what's the catch?

Did I get any on me?


Feeling the sugar buzz

Monday, June 08, 2009

Trip to STL

We took off right after school got out Friday morning and drove to St. Charles. Friday evening we spent at Jen and Matt's house to "wa wa in Cole, Wall-e" (swim in Cole's pool in Wall-e trunks)

Aunt Jen and Uncle Matt fed us hot dogs, brats, and cupcakes!

Luke LOVED being able to follow his cousin around and try to be a big boy, just like Cole.

Ben passed out on their living room floor before we could get the boys back to Grandma's for bed.

Saturday was full of tractor riding, putting our feet up to watch cartoons and playing at Stacey's house for Dan and Erin's graduation party.

Luke and Ben did some tractor riding on Sunday as well.

AND THEN....Luke and I tagged along with Scott and his cousins, Dan and Katie to a CARDINAL GAME! It was Luke's first time at Busch and he loved every second of it. We had the sweetest seats I've ever sat in for a MLB game (third row, ya know, where they still use letters for the rows instead of numbers). Everything was exciting, watching the team warm up, watching the dog catch frisbees on the field, seeing EVERY Cardinal logo as we walked around. Grandma told him to pick out something at the Cardinal store and bring something back for Ben. Luke carefully picked out a bat and ball set for himself and a glove and ball set for Ben. The glove came in very handy as he played shadowball with himself throughout the first 4 innings.

He tried to follow his daddy's example on how to behave at a game even during the national anthem.

Scott and I both enjoyed watching Luke's sense of wonder throughout the afternoon and even though the Cardinals lost (to the Rockies ={ ) Luke gave the whole experience two thumbs up.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Playgrounds, Parties, School, and BIG Slides

We start with Saturday when the boys watched Scott cut the grass

Then we went to a graduation party where Scott and Luke jumped

On Sunday we went to the park to play ball!
And go down the big slide

On Monday it was back to work
(Luke found one of Scott's old name badges and set up his own tutoring session for Ben)

On Wednesday we went to the school picnic where Luke decided the big blow up slide was too much so he opted for the playground until...

Ben went down the slide with Scott

Then Luke needed to go...and he went about a dozen times with a bunch of sweet 6th grade girls

The school picnic isn't complete without the traditional snow cone
Ben was upset that Luke had the spoon, so he went in to grab what he could.

Then Luke suckered some 8th grade girls to take him in the obstacle course. He kept stopping to get nervous but they plugged along and made it through, up and


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Grandpa Ben

So I haven't downloaded any new pictures from the last week but I feel I should share the best picture from our Memorial Day trip to Wisconsin. (I took it off Erin's blog) My boys were taken out of their church clothes that Sunday and before I could come in and locate their play clothes, they escaped into the dining room at Grandma's house. And as I came around the corner I saw...
My son, the 80 year old.