Friday, March 28, 2008

A month in pictures

I've decided to give in and load this month's pictures on Some of the highlights from March.

Ben's baptism March 9th. Great service, great family, Scott made great chili...missed Grandpa H. (silly ankle)

Uncle Josh came to stay the next weekend. Luke had fun chasing him around. I'd like to hire him as my manny. He cleaned my dishes and organized my kitchen.

The day he left, Uncle Ben came down to drop off his car. He took Luke shopping the next morning so I could pack and bought Luke his very first baseball.

We headed for St. Charles on Thursday night. Friday is was 70. We played in both Grandmas' backyards. Luke LOVED being outside. Saturday was filled with extended family. Luke played nice with all his cousins and Ben got to meet everyone. Sunday was sunrise service (Luke stayed awake through the whole thing, Ben slept through the whole thing). Monday, my cousin Anna came to visit. We took Ben shopping and then Shawn joined the whole family for dinner. Sally and Jeff asked Luke to be a ringbearer in their upcoming wedding and I get to sing. Scott is the best man so I guess Ben's on his own!

We're home now, getting ready for Dinner Theatre. Everyone's feeling well, for the most part and we can't wait for spring to actually get here.

Alright, the pictures.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

He's here!!!!

Wow, a lot has happened since February 10th. I'd like to thank both of my sister-in-laws for posting the news much sooner than internet at home means I can do any quick posts.

Everything went very well. We started active labor at 3 pm on Tuesday and at 3:17 am Wednesday, Feb. 20th, Benjamin Lee was born. 8 lbs. 9 oz. 21.5 in (exactly like his brother) and he looks just like Luke...except for the dimple in his chin, which EVERYONE at the hospital noticed.
We were in the hospital until Thursday at Noon...came home and settled in with 3 boys and my soon-to-be-hired-full-time doula. My mom was a HUGE help for the first couple of days home. Scott and I really wanted to keep her for good...alas, her other children would not survive without her for more than a day or two. (they called all the time)
Anyway, here are the longer awaited pictures of our last two weeks.

Luke is reading a little Elmo book to his brother.

Apparently we need to turn up the heat in our house.