Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Life of Luke (and Ben)

"holding" Ben

Helping Dad landscape

Super Luke!

I'm just tickling him!

Luke reading about the famous sausages in his baseball book

(the free program from the game)

Ben took matters into his own...thumb. He was tired and decided to fall asleep himself.

Luke and Carson digging in the dirt

Cookie Monster

Luke loves being in the kitchen with me. Our latest venture was a Chicken casserole. But these cookie pictures are a lot cuter.

tastes just right

No, Mom, I'm pretty sure there was only one.

I don't know where the other one would have gone.

Mmmmmm, smell those chocolate chips

Luke's new rule: if you can catch it, you can eat it.

eating a cookie with Daddy

Go Cardinals!

Grandpa J. invited us once again to enjoy a Brewer's Game in one of the suites. This time it was a Cardinals game so the Husters boys came dressed to cheer on the Red Birds. There are many pictures to highlight Ben's first game and Luke's first Cardinals game but I have to start with Luke's reaction to Duncan's homerun. You can't see the ball, but trust me, you'll know when it goes over the wall.

"I wanna be, wanna be like Kurt"

Luke and Grandpa in the dugout

Grandma and Ben cheering for Grandpa's team

Put me in coach!

running the bases

Cardinal fans

Yes, Ben is wearing good old gold and blue, his Aunt Kendra helped him "wet" his cute Cardinals outfit and then she very graciously bought him a Brewers outfit

5th -7th inning nap

Bens, Brewers, Baseball

Thursday, May 01, 2008